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We can connect you to listen and speak to your machines.
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What we do

Custom IoT Solutions

As you start your digital transformation journey, you cannot start with off-the-shelf bits and pieces to build a stable, extensible and flexible system. We can help you in developing your custom IoT solution while you focus on your core business.

Industrial IoT Solutions

We can connect the machines in your shop floor to your back-end systems or to our Analytics systems. Scenarios includes preventive maintenance, connected factory and remote monitoring.

IoT Smart Home

Whether you aim to save on your electricity bill, secure your home or just for the convenience of Automation, we have a solution for you.

Big Data Analytics

Through Science, we can help you in gaining insights from your collected data like finding customer preferences, market trends, hidden patterns and unknown correlations.

Big Data and IOT

Having the IoT as one of your data sources adds to the complexity of the system, as you will have to handle influxes of structured and unstructured data. We can make sure it's handled properly in a flexibly and efficiently.

Our Solutions


Connected Factory

Get connected to your machines in the shop floor. Collect data, Analyze data, increase your OEE and take actions.

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Connected Supply Chain

Tap into the data gathered by IoT devices, and get complete visibility of products, all the way from manufacturer to retailer.

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IoT Smart Home

Want to save on electricity bill, secure your home or experience the luxury of automation, we have a solution.

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Connected Facilities

Monitoring your facilities provides you the ability to reduce costs, track usage, and use your resources efficiently.

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